Anti Doping Appeal panel

Sl. No. Name of Sports person Sport/Event Name of Prohibited Drug /Anti Doping Rule violation Date of Decision Period and Commencement of Ineligibility Link
1 Ms. Geeta Devi Oinam


Methyl-1-Testosterone 30/01/2019 ADDP decision upheld. Download      -
2 Mr. Jagtar Singh Athletics Meldonium  30/01/2019 Ineligibility period reduced from 4 years to 2 years. Download
3 Ms. Suji Rani Athletics Terbutaline 30/01/2019 ADDP decision upheld. Download      -
4 Mr. Inderjeet Singh Athletics Testosterone 14/12/2018. Exonerated from doping charges. Download
5 Mr. Balinder Singh Powerlifting Testosterone 27/08/2018 ADDP decision upheld. Download
6 Mr. Jithin Paul


400 Mtr.

Meldonium 14.08.18 Exonerated from Anti Doping Rule Violation charges Download
7 Mr. Rohit Kumar Athletics 17-b Hydroxy methyl 01.09.17 ADDP decision upheld Download
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