Anti Doping Disciplinary Panel

List of sports persons tested positive against dope substances and sanction imposed by Anti Doping
Disciplinary Panel w. e. f. 01-01-2009 till date:

Name of Sports person


Name of Prohibited Drug/Anti Doping Rule violation

Date of Decision

Period and Commencement of Ineligibility


Mr. Mickey Menenzes Athletics Article 2.8/2.9 07.10.2022 4 years Ineligibility w.e.f 12.05.2022 Download
Ms. Pushpa Wrestling Diuretics & Masking Agent/ Furosemide 07.10.2022 2 years Ineligibility w.e.f 07.07.2022 Download
Mr. Shashank J. Rai Basketball 19-Norandrosterone 11.10.2022 4 years Ineligibility w.e.f 13.07.2022 Download
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