Athlete Rights & Responsibilities

Athletes have the right to :

  • Nominate a representative of their choice to accompany them to the Doping Control Station
  • Request information regarding the sample collection procedure
  • Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station, or leave the Doping Control Station once they have reported, with the consent of a Doping Control Official, while at all time in full view of the chaperone for valid reasons including to :

− Attend a victory ceremony
− Compete in further events
− Finish a training session
− Receive necessary medical attention
− Fulfill media commitments
− Warm down
− Undertake other activities considered reasonable and approved by the Doping Control Officer

  • Request modifications to standard Sample Collection Procedures – this will be recorded on the Doping Control Test Form and only applies to athletes with a disability
  • Request an interpreter if they have (for any reason)

Athletes have the responsibility to :

  • Be aware of and comply with their sports anti-doping policy (including the provision of accurate whereabouts information)
  • Be available for and comply with sample collection procedures
  • Remain in sight of the official at all times until the Sample Collection Procedures are complete (once notified for sample collection)
  • Report to the Doping Control Station as soon as practical or within 60 minutes
  • Whichever is sooner after being notified that they are required to provide a sample
  • They control the sample until it is sealed in the sample collection equipment
  • The sealed sample collection kit is secure and identified
  • All appropriate documentation is accurate, complete and signed
  • Be aware of which substance are prohibited

Support persons are responsible for :

  • Being knowledgeable of and complying with all anti-doping policies and rules
  • Applicable to them or the athletes whom they support
  • Supporting and assisting Anti-Doping Organizations to conduct Doping Control
  • Using their influence on athlete's values and behaviour to foster anti-doping attitudes
Page last modified on: Apr 13, 2020