Out-Competition Testing

Out-of-competition testing or any testing done outside of an event/competition ensures that all athletes can be tested at any time and at any place. An athlete identified in the registered testing pool by NADA is required to provide accurate and current whereabouts information. This information is usually required on a half-yearly basis, although NADA may have specific requirements, and updates are required if the athlete’s plans change. Whereabouts information may include details such as home address, work schedule, training venues and schedule, and competition schedule anything which will help a Doping Control Officer (DCO) find the athlete on any given day. International or national level athletes identified in a registered testing pool are responsible under the Code for providing whereabouts information to NADA. Failure to do so in accordance with anti-doping regulations may be considered an anti-doping rule violation and may result in a sanction.

Out of competition testing is done to detect doping in sports that have potential for doping enhancement in training periods. Tests are conducted throughout the year, without prior notice, whether the athlete is competing at an event or not. They are done in regulation with WADA standards. To maintain an effective anti-doping program, NADA retains the right to test athletes at any time and location. Athletes are required to submit their whereabouts information at all times to help facilitate this.

A valid delay for Out-of-Competition testing can include:

  • locating a representative
  • completing a training session
  • receiving necessary medical treatment
  • obtaining photo identification
  • any other reasonable circumstances approved by the officer.
Page last modified on: Apr 13, 2020

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