Results Management

During the Results Management Process, the following procedure is followed by NADA ;

1. Upon receipt of an Analytical Findings for 'A' sample from the laboratory (without bearing the name of athlete) , the name of the athlete is decoded by NADA .

2. If the 'A' sample proves negative i.e. no Prohibited Substance or Methods detected, the athlete and the concerned National Federation (NF), International Federation (IF) and WADA shall be so informed.

3. If an Adverse Analytical Findings is reported for 'A' sample, NADA will conduct an Initial Review to determine whether :-

a. An applicable Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) has been granted or will be granted as provided in the International Standard for TUE.

b. There is any apparent departure from the International Standard for Testing or International Standard for Laboratories that caused the Adverse Analytical   Finding.

4. If the initial review validates the TUE and procedures for the prohibited substance (s) reported by the laboratory for 'A' Sample, the sample is treated as negative, the athlete and the concerned NF, IF & WADA will be so informed.

5. If the Initial Review does not validate the Adverse Analytical Finding, the athlete is notified about his/her Adverse Analytical Finding of ‘A’ Sample. The concerned NF, IF and WADA are also notified.

6. If the Adverse Analytical Findings for 'A' sample is for a Prohibited Substance that is not a specified substance, NADA shall provisionally suspend the athlete pending the hearing panel.

7. An athlete has the right to request for the analysis of his/her 'B' Sample within seven (7) working days of receiving the notice concerning Adverse Analytical Finding of his/her 'A' Sample.

8. If the athlete requests for ‘B’ Sample Analysis, NADA contacts the laboratory to schedule time and date and notifies the athlete of the ‘B’ Sample Analysis.

9. If there is no request by the athlete to witness his/her ‘B’ Sample, NADA informs the laboratory to conduct the ‘B’ sample Analysis in the presence of an Independent Observer.

10. If the ‘B’ sample Analysis by the laboratory proves negative, the entire test will be considered negative and the athlete, NF, (IF) and WADA shall be so informed.

11. If the ‘B’ Sample Analysis confirms that ‘A’ Sample Adverse Analytical Finding, a Second Notice will be served by NADA to the athlete alongwith a copy to the concerned parties i.e. NF, IF & WADA asserting the Anti Doping Rule Violation. The Anti Doping Disciplinary Panel will be also notified alongwith all documents relevant to the assertion, for disciplinary proceedings to be conducted in the positive case as per the WADA compliant Anti Doping Rules of NADA .

12. The athlete will be advised to present his/her case before the Anti Doping Disciplinary panel on the date & time fixed by the panel for hearing.

13. During the hearing process, the athlete is given an opportunity to be represented by Counsel and interpreter (at own expense) to establish basis for elimination or reducing the sanctions.

14. The athlete will have the right to appeal against the decision of the Anti Doping Disciplinary Panel by lodging a notice of appeal with the Anti Doping Appeal Panel within 14 days of the decision of the Anti Doping Disciplinary Panel.

Page last modified on: Apr 13, 2020

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