The National Anti-Doping Programme

The National Anti Doping Agency [NADA] was established by the Government of India, with the objective of acting as the independent Anti-Doping Organization for India having a vision of dope free sports. The NADA has the necessary authority and responsibility for:

  • Planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and advocating improvements in Doping Control;
  • Cooperating with other relevant national organizations, agencies and other Anti-Doping Organizations;
  • Encouraging reciprocal Testing between National Anti-Doping Organizations;
  • Promoting anti-doping research;
  • Where funding is provided, withholding some or all funding, during any period of his or her ineligibility, to any Athlete or Athlete Support Personnel who has violated anti-doping rules;
  • Vigorously pursuing all potential anti-doping rule violations within its jurisdiction including investigating into whether Athlete Support Personnel or other Persons may have been involved in each case of doping.
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring anti doping information and education programs.


Page last modified on: Apr 13, 2020

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